Our Solutions

Solutions and Services

C Inspire offers comprehensive solutions for information technology and telecommunication. We provide plenty of services including planning process, designing, installing, training and maintenance by our experienced staffs.

1. Network Infrastructure & Security Solution

We provide network design, network installation, and network maintenance services (Networking and Infrastructure) for public sector and private sector as well as network for service providers using Turnkey solutions. We are capable of offering systems that meet the needs of customers in all aspects including technical, equipment maintenance, and budget.

2. IT Solutions

We provide IT systems design, installation, and maintenance for public sector and private sector as well as service providers using Turnkey solutions by offering a system that meets the needs of customers in all aspects ranging from technical, equipment maintenance and budgets, through providing various hardware equipment on customers’ demand, such as PC, Notebook, Server, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Storage Systems and other peripherals. The services also cover the providing of copyright software such as Microsoft, VMware, Security Software etc.

3. Big Data & Analytic, Web Application

4. Services

In addition to the design, installation and maintenance services that the company has already installed for customers, the company also has other services as follows:

Maintenance Agreement Service

The maintenance services of a network, computer systems, and IT systems consist of preventive maintenance services to ensure that the working system and users’ other services run smoothly and efficiently, and corrective maintenance services.

Consulting Service

The advice and consulting services on network systems covering the computer system, hardware and software, application solutions coupled with providing advice on improving the efficiency of the usage or existing systems. The service includes advice on how to improve the system to support current Computer Crime Act.

Outsourcing Service

The service of providing IT personnel specialized in network or computer system management along with preparing project procedures report in accordance with the policy.


Conducting training and providing knowledge and understanding about network products, software, and other related systems to increase the operational capability of personnel.